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Step one

We kindly ask that you review our definitions of each award category below to assure that you select the proper one for this wonderfully talented woman.

Women in tech

Award Categories 2021

Software Engineer

Software engineers, developers, coders... call them what you will, these talented women follow in the footsteps of Ada Lovelace, the world's first computer programmer.

Tech Founder

Whether they’re active in the trenches of their startup or lending their expertise to other ventures, these startup founders and CEOs drive our cities forward.

Product Manager

These women help tech products come to life, leading teams across engineering, design, and marketing to ensure that all product and customer requirements are met.

Product Designer

There are many specialties a woman may possess under this title, but at the core she is driving user experience. Some of these women may excel at conducting user research and testing, while others focus mostly on creating UI/UX design deliverables.

STEM Educator

These women elevate and support the next generation of STEM talent, empowering and training young girls and women seeking to enter tech-related  fields.

Digital Marketer

These women have distinguished themselves as experts in some combination of the following: customer acquisition, SEO, paid search, social media, analytics, and growth hacking.

Step TWO

Second, please review the criteria below to make sure your nominee qualifies.

Criteria for each category:

For all nominees:

  • Nominee must reside in and/or work for a company headquartered within the 6 qualifying states: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida
  • Nominee must fall into one of the six award categories: Software Engineer, Tech Founder, Digital Marketer, STEM Educator, Product Manager, or UI/UX Designer
  • Nominee must currently be a working professional
  • Nominee must be at least 25 years old
  • Nominee must not be self-nominated
  • We don’t recommend nominating someone who was an award recipient the previous year, as they cannot win two years in a row

Nominee must excel in all of the following four categories:


She goes above and beyond her primary role or job description. She might also be a catalyst for change with regard to social justice, corporate responsibility, environmental sustainability, or one of many other missions through the use of technology.


She pushes the envelope in the name of innovation and strives to achieve something truly cutting edge. She has notable tech-related accomplishments. For example, she may have created something tech-related, like a product, company, or organization.


While her title might not reflect her ability to inspire others, she does. She is a mentor to many and enjoys assisting others with their professional development. She knows how to effectively advocate the goals of her company or organization to her team, the public, other people in the tech industry, or maybe even the government.


Outside of her primary job or company, she is involved in the tech community. She likes to volunteer with other tech organizations, and she might even be on the board of a tech-related non-profit. People in her local tech community (and possibly beyond) are familiar with her and her contributions to tech.


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Women in tech

Nominations for 2021 are closed