Kate McCrery

Loyola University New Orleans

Director, Center for Entrepreneurship and Community Development

New Orleans, LA


I'm Korean-born, Irish-named, Southern-raised, and German-speaking. What makes me get up every morning is finding smarter ways to save the world and solve big, complex problems: through impact investing, better frameworks that can help businesses and cities innovate, and helping people understand that impact can generate an ROI in every way (financial, social, and personal).

In the last decade, I’ve become extremely good at getting things done. From my years of teaching in Korea and Germany, I tend to break down large visions into smaller, more achievable “lesson plans." Strategic plans, target communications goals, fundraising—you name it, and I can do it.

Finally, I’m a naturally strong writer and storyteller. I also love building partnerships with people across verticals, roles, generations, and departments. It comes from my unbridled curiosity about the world around me. (Ask me about when I was ten and decided to be the first marine biologist in space.)