Judging Criteria

We created 4 pillars for the judges to score each nominee on: Impact, Innovation, Leadership, and Community. It was essential to us that the selection process was more than a mere popularity contest or a quick assessment of who has had the most financial success or who has worked at the most well-known company.


What are their tech-related accomplishments? Have they created or started something tech-related, whether a product, company, or organization? How large or wide-reaching is the impact or potential impact of their tech-related work to their city, state, region, and beyond? How are they using tech for change making? What is the potential for positive impact based on their work in tech-fields? Is social justice, corporate responsibility, environmental sustainability, and/or diversity deeply aligned with their work?


Do they push the envelope, going above & beyond their primary role or job description? Are they creating something that needs to exist and/or didn't exist before? Does their work re-invent the wheel, or is it truly innovative?


Do they mentor or assist other people with their professional development, either within their own company or in the tech industry? Do they effectively advocate the goals of their company or organization to the government, the public and/or other people in the tech industry?



What is their tech-related community involvement outside of their primary job or company? Do they volunteer with other tech organizations? Are they on any tech-related non-profit boards? How well do others in the tech community know them and their work?