An annual celebration of women across the Gulf South who have made an impact in their local tech communities

We are growing a community of women who will lift each other up and mentor one another


Sponsor instead of mentor. When you mentor, it’s that forced coffee once a month. When you sponsor, you take a bullet for someone else — it’s you putting your name and reputation on the line. Have a sense of ownership about the other person’s success. Invest in that person. That is the best way for women to help them thrive. - Maxeme Tuchman

We aim to challenge the inequities that exist in the tech industry by showcasing and celebrating the achievements reached by women.

Despite all the obstacles they have faced, women are still making a big impact in the community.

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Meet our 2020 Ada Lovelace Awards Winners

Nancy Coblenz - CEO of Rebel Role Model
Dallas, Texas

  • 💥 Impact: Recognizing the technology gap between educators and their students today, she teaches educators to become masters of technology. And recently, she created a new workshop series called Minority Business Owners Mastermind to help minority business owners survive the impacts of COVID-19.
  • 💡 Innovation: Harnesses the power of big data analytics by providing reporting on digital, social media, virtual and augmented reality play behavior, and interactive messaging reactions and compiles demographic behavioral case studies
  • 👑 Leadership: Teaches career classes at a variety of colleges in California and Texas on subjects like Building a Tech Company and Winning the Job Opening.
  • 🌇 Community:  Mentors through Tech Wildcatters, a global accelerator in Dallas, TX, and inspires people to become entrepreneurs and disruptors through her Rebel Role Model Podcast.

Carla Lewis - CTO of C-Spire
Jackson, Mississippi

  • 💥 Impact: She spearheaded an initiative called C Spire Software Development Pathway in partnership with Mississippi State University and the Mississippi Department of Education to launch a first of its kind coding curriculum throughout the state.
  • 💡 Innovation: She leads the building and delivery of innovative technological transformation and growth opportunities for all lines of business for C Spire
  • 👑 Leadership: She is part of the small group (16%) of women in the U.S., who as of 2018 hold the title of CIO/CTO
  • 🌇 Community: She sits on the Board of Base Camp Coding Academy

Lily Andemariam - Product Manager at Delta
Atlanta, Georgia

  • 💥 Impact: Led the design, development, and implementation of multiple products including the launch of 1,700 responsive customized traveler sites for Delta, grew the mobile e-commerce side of the business for UNIQLO, and grew Bloomingdale's’ “Furniture & Mattress” business through her proposed web strategy enhancements.
  • 💡 Innovation: Currently developing a side project called “Product South” with the goal of helping educate those in the South about how to get into tech in total, including Product Management.
  • 👑 Leadership: Created an Innovation Center under the Sales team to help foster innovation and collaboration at Delta Air Lines.
  • 🌇 Community: Serves as a current member of the National Urban League and was previously a co-founder of REMHAI, an organization that is focused on helping startups and helping teach people about software development.

Amy Dalton - Senior UX Designer at Kroger
New Orleans, Louisiana

  • 💥 Impact: Created Bragging Rights with the GE NOLA Women’s Network in 2017, and now it’s launched in 12 other GE offices globally. This program was created to present the high/lows of women’s careers. As a guest speaker outside of GE, she presents to women, teaching them how to launch similar programs at their respective organizations.
  • 💡 Innovation: Improved the UX of the 1Fleet product as well as delivery turnaround time, and more importantly, strengthened global relationships within GE Aviation in Turkey by evangelizing UX practices.
  • 👑 Leadership: Mentors junior UX designers externally from GE to educate them about the industry, how to break in, and how to be successful.
  • 🌇 Community: Created the first annual GE Women’s Professional Development Day that brought GE women from 5 different GE businesses in the Gulf Coast area together for a day of inspiration and learning with local and national female speakers.

Dr. Sarah Garner - Professor at Tulane University
New Orleans, Louisiana

  • 💥 Impact: Became a faculty member at Tulane University at the age of 23 and Tulane University School of Medicine at the age of 24. She created a clinical lab and a Pathologist Assistant PA program at Tulane University, the first allied health professional program offered there, the only PA program offered in the southern United States, and one of only 13 programs in existence.
  • 💡 Innovation: Creates innovative ways to make gross anatomy more enjoyable and manageable for her students through technology. She wrote her own anatomy book, and she recently started a 3D printing project in which she collaborates with students to print 3D anatomical structures based on cadaveric dissections.
  • 👑 Leadership: Mentors hundreds of students every year and won the Professor and Excellent Faculty Member at Tulane University.
  • 🌇 Community: Has built an education community through Instagram and Twitter to make anatomy and histology learning more accessible. She has 62.4K followers on Instagram.

Maxeme Tuchman - Chief Executive Officer at CARIBU
Miami, Florida

  • 💥 Impact: Max is the CEO + Co-Founder of Caribu which has users reading together in 160+ countries and Max has built a team that is 50% female and 50%+ Hispanic. Caribu has partnered with Blue Star Families, a non-profit that touches more than 1.5 million military family members every year.
  • 💡 Innovation:  Continuing to advocate the goals of Caribu to investors in the tech industry, Max ended up raising $1.3M in 2018 which made her the 59th Latina to raise over $1M in venture funding.
  • 👑 Leadership: Named one of TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2019, Caribu has designed its experience to be intuitive and accessible for all ages, from toddlers to grandparents.
  • 🌇 Community: As a champion for Miami, she works to give back not only through her business, but also by engaging with underrepresented communities in a meaningful way throughout the city. Max works to uplift other female founders as a mentor through the Babson WIN Lab, and started a secret club of almost 500 women, and BFOW (Binders Full of Women).

What began as a small ceremony held in LookFar's offices in 2015 has grown into a highly anticipated celebration.

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